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  1. Sexual and reproductive health
  2. Semiotext(e) / Intervention Series
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Sexual and reproductive health

Thus, it is important to help people draw adaptive meanings at key times , interpretations that support better functioning, like improved achievement in school, better health, or greater well-being. Wise interventions use precise, theory- and research-based techniques to do just this. In addressing subjective meanings, wise interventions complement other major approaches to social change, such as improving the objective quality of situations e. Most of the interventions in this database have not yet been designed for widespread adoption but they illustrate the applicability of this approach to a variety of social priorities and can inform future research questions and studies.

Semiotext(e) / Intervention Series

You can search for wise interventions:. If you are a researcher and would like to submit a new intervention for inclusion in the database, you can see instructions and criteria here.

The Executive Director must decide within two working days whether to launch the rapid intervention, notifying the requesting Member State and the Management Board of his decision. The Executive Director and the Member State then have to draw up an operational plan within three days after a decision to launch a rapid border intervention.

Intervention (JULY 23, 2019) Mike

As soon as the plan is agreed, Frontex asks other Member States to immediately provide border guards and other relevant staff from the rapid reaction pool, indicating the relevant profiles and numbers of officers from each. They should be deployed within five days.

Member States may also be asked to provide additional officers, who would be provided within additional seven days. It was an intimate and somber plea, like a parent opening an intervention with a wayward child.

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Soul rarely speaks to soul without the intervention of interpretative art. It had never occurred to her that the lawyers would not "manage it" without her intervention.

intervention - Dictionary Definition :

To supply vessels with crews without the intervention of any shipping-master should it become necessary. My preaching of the National Egyptian cause had been almost everywhere well received, and the talk of intervention had subsided. It is not the frequency of the intervention , but its purpose and consequences that make it socialistic.